24/7 Emergency Response: 877.861.0473

Need help? Give us a call, 24/7/365.

Trans-Environmental Services’¬†hazardous materials response team on standby 24/7/365. We can handle spills of all sizes quickly to minimize your exposure. Our team is prepared to respond to your location for the proper containment, cleanup and disposal of waste materials. Companies of all sizes trust us to manage critical situations in a cost-effective manner that protects the safety of your employees and our environment.

Haz-Mat Specialists

The TES team is ready to deploy experienced, 40-hour HAZWOPER trained experts to mitigate environmental issues. We have the right equipment, staff and expertise to handle a wide range of hazardous materials including oils, fuel, chemicals, PCBs and corrosive liquids. Every week TES is working in North Texas and Oklahoma on:

    • Chemical Spills
    • Over-The-Road Incidents
    • Punctured Lines
    • Tank Overflows
    • Leaking Containers
    • Saddle Tank Ruptures
    • Tanker Truck Rollovers
    • Crude Oil Spills

Hazardous Waste Placards, Non-Hazardous Waste Placards

Emergency Response Vehicles

In addition to our trained experts we arrive onsite with our Emergency Response Vehicles fully equipped and capable of beginning work on most response contingencies. These vehicles are fully stocked and stand ready to respond to urgent calls for cleanup resulting from different types of chemical releases or spills. Each response vehicle carries air monitoring devices, supplied breathing air apparatus, emergency wash stations, hazmat response reference library, a wide array of personal protective equipment, containment supplies, and decontamination equipment.

When emergencies happen, we respond with the right people and equipment to contain, clean and carry away the waste involved so that you can return to business.  Call us today and let us set up a plan for your company.