Trans-Environmental (TES) is one of the leading transportation companies specializing in hazardous waste and hazardous materials. We have the equipment to transport virtually any type of waste or hazardous material. Our trucks are satellite tracked to ensure we arrive exactly when you need us. We put our drivers through a rigorous training program including aspects of DOT as well as OSHA and EPA regulations. We carry the highest levels of automotive and pollution liability insurance coverage to minimize your liabilities and exposure.

Emergency Response Units

Emergency Response Units are fully equipped vehicles that stand ready to respond to urgent calls for cleanup resulting from chemical release or spill. These units carry air monitoring devices, supplied breathing air apparatus, emergency wash stations, reference library, a wide array of personal protective equipment, containment supplies, and decontamination equipment.

Enclosed Dry Van Trailers

Vans and Trailers of various sizes are available to handle containerized and other drummed waste products.  We have scheduled routes to pick up wastes to comply with a 90 day accumulation laws and several on reserve for emergency pickups.

Vacuum Tankers

Our vacuum tanker trucks are available to haul bulk liquid waste streams. Our fleet includes both black iron and stainless steel vessels ranging from 50 to 130 bbl capacity.

Vactors and Guzzlers

Our fleet of Vactors and Guzzlers vehicles are available for the removal of industrial liquids or solids. The use of interceptor boxes enables larger quantities of industrial solid wastes to be managed more efficiently.

Roll-Off Bins

TES has 20 cubic yard watertight bins rated for all toxic and hazardous wastes, each with a tarp to cover them. These we deliver to your business using our rocket launcher and double trailer trucks throughout our service area.

Flatbed Trailers

TES is capable of transporting oversized materials and vehicles on our flatbed trailers.  This equipment is often used on equipment decommissioning projects, remediation jobs, and to move large pieces of recyclable materials.